Stories I loved in 2013, plus stories I published

I feel guilty writing this post, since usually I prefer to make year-end lists of other people’s stories that I really enjoyed, with my own stuff as a footnote.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep up with my usual amount of reading past the first couple months of 2013, so I don’t have a long or comprehensive list of stories I loved. There are a few, however, so let’s start with those.

— Truslow, Tori. “Boats in Shadow, Crossing”. Beneath Ceaseless Skies:
— Arkenberg, Megan. “Désiré”. Crossed Genres Magazine:
— Tidhar, Lavie. “The Long Road to the Deep North”. Strange Horizons:
— Hoffmann, Ada. “You Have to Follow the Rules”. Strange Horizons:
— Enjoe, Toh. “Harlequin’s Butterfly”. Asymptote:

I wrote about most of those more extensively back in January or February (when I was doing a good job at reading).

Also, I co-edited (with Ryan North and David Malki !) a sequel to our MACHINE OF DEATH anthology from 2010. The sequel is called THIS IS HOW YOU DIE and was released in July 2013 by Grand Central Publishing.

I’m obviously an interested party in this book. I helped pick the stories and was prepared to help fund its self-publication if we couldn’t find a real publisher. But I also really, really like this book. A lot.

A number of the stories are available to read for free online. They’re all great. You should totally read them all. You know what — just buy the book.
— North, Ryan. “Cancer”. Reprinted in Lightspeed Magazine:
— Burgoine, ‘Nathan. “Old Age, Surrounded by Loved Ones”. Free here:
— Rush, Toby W. “Rock and Roll”. Free here:
— Seybold, Grace. “Drowning Burning Falling Flying”. Free here:
— Roger, D.L.E. “Conflagration”. Free here:
— Black, Rebecca. “Tetrapod”. Free here:
— Francis, Tom. “Lazarus Reactor Fission Sequence”. Free here:
— Hoffmann, Ada. “Blue Fever”. Free here:
— Chaponda, Daliso. “Screaming, Crying, Alone and Afraid”. Free here:

Oh right, and I also edited a very short chapbook anthology called SIXTEEN SINGLE SENTENCE STORIES. There are sixteen very short stories (none longer than 350 words) written by sixteen talented writers in a range of genres.

You can read the whole thing here, which is something you’ll definitely want to do:

Whew! I had more to say about other writers than I thought I did. Now, on to what I’ve been up to this year.

I’m not going to post every story that I published in 2013 — you can see the full list under the “FICTION” tab. But here are a few selected stories that folks have told me they enjoyed.

— “The Penitent”. Beneath Ceaseless Skies:
— “Water Finds Its Level”. Lightspeed Magazine:
— “Outbound from Put-in-Bay”. Asimov’s Science Fiction: Available in the Jan 2013 issue
— “Thing in a Bag”. Shock Totem: Available in Issue #7

And a couple flash-sized distractions:
— “I Heard You Got a Cat, I Heard You Named Him Charles”. Daily Science Fiction:
— “Final Corrections”. Daily Science Fiction:–dispatch

And finally, I should mention that a couple of my stories (“Water Finds Its Level” and “Outbound from Put-in-Bay”) were recorded as part of the podcast StarShipSofa. You can find them in Episode #304:

That’s it. See you next year!


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