I edited a couple books this year and never told anybody

Okay, it’s not true that I never told ANYBODY. But I haven’t talked about those books like I should have. It’s time to correct that.

SIXTEEN SINGLE SENTENCE STORIES: The first book to mention is a little chapbook anthology called Sixteen Single Sentence Stories which was published back in April or May. I read a few hundred (very short) submissions for this from around the world. The only criterion was that each story had to be a single sentence in length.

And I have to say that I LOVE the result. The stories are both literary and genre stories — some clever, some touching, some funny, some thrilling. The writers include Mari Ness, Ron Collins, Megan Engelhardt, Alex Shvartsman, and others. My wife, K. Sekelsky, did the book design and illustrations for every story.

You can read the whole thing for free online here: http://thechairparade.com/OneSentenceStories/

But please also consider buying a copy. It’s only five bucks, and shipping is only a dollar inside the U.S. This is a one-of-a-kind book that I promise won’t take up much room on your bookshelf. I doubt it will ever be reprinted, and there are only a couple hundred copies in existence. If we sell them all, it’ll pay me back for printing and writer payments, plus a nice dinner or two for Katie and me.

But really, I did the book for fun and it turned out to be such a cool little artifact that I don’t think you’ll be disappointed at all if you buy a copy.

THIS IS HOW YOU DIE (sequel to MACHINE OF DEATH): This is the big one… Yes, thirty more Machine of Death stories are now available to read. (The book was published by GCP in July.) Like the first book, this one is co-edited by Ryan North and David Malki !

It probably won’t surprise you to hear that I also LOVE this book. But I absolutely do. It’s definitely not a retread of the first Machine of Death book — the stories go farther and do more with the concept than ever before. Our one guiding principle in putting this book together was that readers should constantly be surprised by what they find on the page. (And in a good, wholesome way. There’s probably a few cusses in the book, but otherwise it’s safe to give to a smart tween or teen.)

The AV Club loved the book so much they called it one of their favorites from 2013, which is totally humbling and amazing: http://www.avclub.com/article/our-favorite-books-of-the-year-200596

If you want to read a bunch of sample stories or watch the hilarious book trailer that David Malki ! put together with REAL HOLLYWOOD TALENT, you can do all that here: http://www.machineofdeath.net/tihyd/

Since this book was published by a real publisher, we can’t give the whole thing away for free. (Sorry.) But we DID convince the publisher to let us release eight FULL stories as a totally free PDF, which is awesome. Thanks, GCP!

On the other hand, thanks to our publisher, the book is available EVERYWHERE that you can buy books. Just go up to your nearest bookseller and ask her to look us up. Ebooks are also available in all the usual places.


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