Sixteen Single Sentence Stories!

It’s been a while since I made the final decisions on the one-sentence stories that will be included in the mini-anthology that Katie Sekelsky and I are publishing. Time has flown, and I realize I’ve never shared the list of writers and stories. Bad editor!

Here are the stories you can expect to find in the mini-anthology when it’s ready:

Letters from Within — A.T. Greenblatt
A Boy, a Balloon and the Man in the Moon — Xanthe Elliott
In Bloom — Richard J. Dowling
Jane Blonde — TJ Radcliffe
Songs from My Father — Lisa Marie Lopez
The Sadness of Souvenirs — Abigail Wyatt
After — Ron Collins
For a Mortal’s Love — Mari Ness
The Glimmer of Light on Silver Pills — Megan Engelhardt
And the Chilean Sea Bass Was Overcooked Too — Kit Yona
Primer — Sue Ann Connaughton
A Hushed Space — Judy Darley
Rocketmen — Wayne Helge
The Bells — J. Brosnan
Catch a Falling Star — Joanne Fox
One Thousand and First — Alex Shvartsman

This is a really awesome collection of (extremely short) stories, and I’m so excited to be publishing it. Every time I look over the included stories, I get goose bumps.

Katie is hard at work on the illustrations as we speak. We’re shooting to have the anthology ready to sell at the SPACE small press convention in Columbus in April. Katie will have a table there, where the anthology will be for sale. After that, we’ll start taking online orders. The PDF will also be posted at some point for all to enjoy.

So just a little while longer now. Very exciting!


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