Open submissions for a one-sentence story mini-anthology!

Special announcement! I’m going to edit an anthology, and submissions are opening NOW.

Together with artist and designer Katie Sekelsky, I’m looking to put together a miniature anthology of one-sentence stories. A one-sentence story is exactly what it sounds like: a complete story told in a single sentence. You can read many excellent examples here.

Note that your sentence should tell a complete story. I am not looking for a “first sentence” or any old nice sentence. I’m looking for a whole, round, satisfying story told beginning to end in a single sentence.

Katie and I will be self-publishing this anthology in both print and PDF formats. The print version is going to be printed in these cool little booklets, so the design will be based around that format. Katie will be laying out the stories and doing illustrations for them. You can see a sample layout (minus illustration) below here:

So here’s what I need from writers…

I’m looking for submissions of one-sentence stories. I’ll be accepting them during a two-week window from December 10 through December 24. Stories may be in any genre. Recommended length is 300 words or less. Absolute maximum length is 350 words. Anything longer won’t fit in the space available.

Note: As with any story, your submission should be as long as it needs to be, but no longer. These will all be run-on sentences in one way or another, but I am not giving bonus points for hilariously long sentences!

Send stories to 1sentencesubmission [at] gmail [dot] com. Just paste the story in the body of the email. Each writer may send up to three stories each, but I’ll probably only pick one story per writer. (Unless they are REALLY genius.)

Send each story in a separate email. No need to wait for a response to the first story before you send the second or third. Reprints are fine, but please no simultaneous submissions. If you want to post your story on your website or blog at the same time as you submit it, that’s fine.

This is for fun… So have fun!

When you submit, the subject line should read: SUBMISSION – [your story title]

Please include the following information in a short cover letter:
— Your real name (the name we should put on a check)
— The title of your story
— Your byline (how you want your name to appear in the book)
— The approximate number of words in your story

You may address the cover letter to “Dear Editor” or to any polite variation of my name.

I will be choosing about 15 stories for inclusion in the mini-anthology, and will be buying non-exclusive print and digital rights for those stories. I’ll pick the stories that will be included by January 31, 2013. Anybody of any age and in any country may submit a story, but to be printed in the anthology you (or a parent/guardian if you are a minor) must be able and willing to sign a contract.

Payment for accepted stories will be US$15, plus a copy of the print version. All stories receive the same payment, regardless of length or reprint status. The money will be paid within 30 days of when I receive a signed contract. The print version of the anthology will be mailed to you when it’s finished.

The goal is to have the print and PDF versions of the anthology finished by April or May of 2013. Once the book is published, the PDF will be posted for free download. I may solicit donations or have a pay-what-you-want model with the PDF as well, but it will always be available for free for people who cannot (or simply don’t want to) pay. The print version will probably retail for $5 + $1 shipping. It will be available online through Katie’s store as well as in person at conventions we exhibit at (usually two or three per year).

If you have any questions, please send an email to 1sentencesubmission [at] gmail [dot] com. But really this is pretty straightforward — this anthology is for fun, so just try to have fun writing some one-sentence stories. And then send them to me!


4 Responses to Open submissions for a one-sentence story mini-anthology!

  • Doug Donnan says:

    Okay… sounds cool !!!

    I have a couple that might give ya’ a laugh
    or two from my ‘Bible Blooper’ anthology.

    I hope that you like them.

    They are so short that I will just type them into
    my email to you!

    Thanks so much,

  • Doug Donnan says:

    Dear Editor(s)

    I am sending one more that
    is so short it hardly counts as
    one at all.
    Hopefully you will allow this
    micro-mini entry.

    Thanks so much!
    Merry Christmas!


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