Some story updates

First off, a reminder that my mystery story “Garrote” is currently available in the ebook version of Issue #2 of Comets & Criminals. The other stories and poems in that issue have been appearing on the website, one each week, so you can read plenty of content for free if you want to. (My story is only available with the ebook download, however.)

I haven’t read all of Issue #2 yet, but I did enjoy Issue #1 immensely. Besides printing tons of stories (they have new content every week!), Comets & Criminals covers an eclectic mix of genres: science fiction, crime, adventure, historical, and western.

I especially appreciate historical fiction being given a place in that list. It’s one of my favorite genres to read when its done well, and is hands down my favorite to write. (I’m no good at making up worlds on my own so I have to steal them from history.) So here’s hoping that Comets & Criminals has a long life and many imitators.

Stories in anthologies
I also have stories in a couple of anthologies that I expect to be published over the next few months. The first is “Honesty”, which will appear in Literary Landmark Press’s Spirit of Poe anthology. The second is “The Fish-Wife’s Tale”, which was sold to Dagan Books’s FISH anthology.

I know the editors are hard at work finishing up the books in both cases. There aren’t firm release dates yet for either, but I know how that goes. We don’t have a firm release date for the second volume of Machine of Death either. (I’ll have a story in that too, by the way. It’s called “Lake Titicaca”.) When I hear the dates from the editors, I’ll make sure to share them here. Frankly, I can’t wait to read both the books!

(By the way, Dagan Books is currently taking submissions for their next anthology — Bibliotheca Fantastica, about unusual books or book culture. Click the Dagan Books link above for more details on how to submit!)

Odds and ends
Finally, I’ve been good about keeping my own submissions flying over the past six months. As a result, I’ve got stories that will be appearing in Daily Science Fiction, Shimmer, and Stupefying Stories sometime in the future. I don’t have dates yet on any of those either, but I’ll say more when I know more.

To be honest, I’d forgotten how long it can take before stories see print. This has been a good lesson in patience for me.


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